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Young People

There are lots of places in Wolverhampton where you can go to find out about training and job opportunities or get careers advice and information, but Workbox is a great place to start. Use the tabs below to find the information you need.


Find out more about the choices you have at age 14+, age 16+, and 18+ within Wolverhampton by selecting your age below. (If you are asked to choose your options in year 8, the 14+ information would be most suitable for you).

Learning & Training

Whether you would like to stay in the classroom or get out into the workplace there are training opportunities available to suit you. Workbox and Connexions can help you find the right setting to continue your learning and enhance your future career opportunities. Explore these pages to find out all you need to know about General qualifications (GCSE or A-levels), Apprenticeships and work-related qualifications..

Careers & Jobs

If you already know what you want to do, just go to our Careers and jobs section to find out more about local opportunities.


Now is a great time to start thinking about your future, find out all you need to know now to help you make your choices for GCSEs, Work-related qualifications , Apprenticeships and the jobs they could lead to. If you are not ready to move on to GCSEs or a level 2 course yet, you can follow an individual learning course agreed with your school.

At 16 or 17 you may or may not already have an idea of what you want to do for a job or career. You will need to stay in some form of education or training but this could be at school or college or as part of an apprenticeship or other work-related qualification. There are plenty of post 16 options available to you at both level 2 and level 3. Find out about A-levels, apprenticeships, work-related qualifications, or options for continuing at level 2. You can also find out more about training available for specific jobs

If you are 18 you are in a position to consider higher education, training, or applying for jobs or apprenticeships. If you have not yet studied for a level 3 qualification, look at the options available to you on the 18+ options page. If you have completed a level 3, look at Higher Education opportunities, or jobs and careers