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Further Education / A-levels

Further Education / A-levels

Further Education / A-levels

If you are taking your GCSEs, you might already have an idea of what subjects you enjoy and what you are good at. The next steps are to think about what you want to do over the next 2 years to help you to choose or start the career you want. There are many options available to you including A-levels, Work-related qualifications or apprenticeships and you could stay at school or go to college or another training provider.

Further Education
This table gives an idea of how different options open to you work.

If you want to stay in classroom-based education for a while longer, the first thing you should do is find out what subject options are available to you. You could try:

If your school does not offer the course you are interested in it is always worth checking with other local schools or City of Wolverhampton College as they may offer more choices.

It is important that you think about what you want to do next when you make these choices, as different subjects or types of qualifications may be more useful for certain careers.

For example:

  • Work- related or vocational qualifications such as T-levels may be more suitable if you have a specific career in mind.
  • T-levels or A-levels can both help you get into University if that is what you want to do
  • There are degree-level Apprenticeships available, where you can work and earn money while you study.

Find out which subjects are offered by school sixth forms in Wolverhampton.